An endowment is a unique type of cash or stock donation that provides a truly inter-generational charitable impact.

Endowments are structured to grow your initial donation through thoughtful investing while disbursing a predetermined amount of funds to your favorite nonprofit each year. In this way, a well-managed endowment can support a nonprofit in perpetuity, and your generous donation can have a legacy long beyond your lifetime.

We focus on making your gift meaningful and impactful while still giving the organization the flexibility to use it where it's needed most over decades to come. Thus, this tool helps you quickly and easily gift a named endowment with a minimum of a $25k gift that is invested at a 70/30 allocation with a 5% annual disbursement, and an unrestricted but preference honored spending focus.

We handle the endowment agreement between you and the nonprofit, and join them in fiduciary management, investment strategy, and annual disbursement of your generous gift.

Want to make to discuss additional options, a larger gift, or do something different? Endowments can take several different forms and your gift is impactful in all of them. Reach out to your favorite charity, or one of our Nonprofit Investment Advisors, and we can help you discover the ultimate legacy of giving.

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