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The benefits of donating stock.
The benefits of donating stock.

Welcome to a simple, tax efficient way to generously give.

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Stock donations can be an incredibly impactful form of charitable giving and carry immense value for donors and nonprofits alike.

Donating long term assets—especially highly appreciated securities—instead of cash can be an effective and tax-efficient way to support a charity. Generally, if your assets have appreciated in value, it’s best not to sell securities to generate the cash you need for a donation.

Contributing the securities directly to the charity increases the amount of your gift as well as your potential deduction. The donor benefits to making stock donations fall into three main categories:

  1. Stock donations are tax-efficient for donors. With stock donations, you avoid paying long term capital gains tax on donated shares and get to deduct 100% of the value of your contribution. At a loss? You can still claim up to $3,000 over a period of several years providing tax benefits for you and bigger gifts to your favorite organization.

  2. Stock donations increase your giving potential. Because of the tax efficiency of stock donations, you can now afford to give even more generously and support the missions you care about most.

  3. Stock donations are quick and easy to facilitate. Simply fill out the short form with your intention to give. We will email the stock transfer instructions to you. Forward those to your broker or advisor, and they will facilitate the gift. The nonprofit will receive the donation and send you a gift receipt and big thank you!

Donating stocks is a simple and a quick process that can help you save on taxes, give more generously, and do more good.

Welcome to a simple, tax efficient way to generously give.

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