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Why do you need my social security number?
Why do you need my social security number?

We use your social security number to verify your identity when opening Infinite Giving accounts.

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Verifying your Social Security Number (SSN) is one of the methods we use to validate your identity and ensure that only authorized individuals can open and access accounts in your or your organization’s name. To help the government fight financial crime, Federal regulation requires certain financial institutions (such as Registered Investment Advisors like Infinite Giving) to obtain, verify, and record information about their customers and individuals who act on their customers’ behalf. An individual must be tied to an organization in order to facilitate due diligence, account opening, and investigations should the need arise.

Therefore, requiring a SSN is a standard, and required, procedure among US-based financial companies when opening an account. We take the handling of your personal data seriously, and along with your SSN, all data handled by Infinite Giving is subject to our strict data security protocol. In part, this security protocol involves:


All data sent to or from Infinite Giving is encrypted in transit using 256 bit encryption. Our API and application endpoints are TLS/SSL only. We also encrypt data at rest using an industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.

US Data Hosting and Storage

Infinite Giving services and data are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the US only.

Permissions and Authentication

Access to customer data is limited to authorized employees who require it for their job. Infinite Giving runs a zero-trust corporate network. There are no corporate resources or additional privileges from being on Infinite Giving's corporate network.

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